3D Analyses of rock mechanics effects & parameters



Assessment of wellbore stability and sanding plus rock mechanically relevant optimization of drilling projects (bore path, mud pressure, etc.) → BOREHOLE + GLAST.



Determination of the effective & total in situ stresses and their possible modification due to pore pressure variations and relaxations → RACOS®.



Determination of the spatial pore pressure effectiveness (Biot coefficient in 3D) and possible deformation and / or damage-related changes → RACOS® + MOPP+.



Characterization of the rock structure on the basis of core seismic anisotropy and evaluation of the pore space (connected & isolated pores) → RACOS®.



Volumetric and vertical deformations of reservoirs and aquifers as a result of pore pressure variations → RACOS®.



Effects of pore pressure variations in the reservoir / aquifer on the integrity of the overburden → RACOS® + ROMEIN.



Geographical reorientation of determined data and visualization of 3D data in 2D → RACOS®.